How To Accelerate Digital Transformation In Banking?

What are the world’s leading banks doing to speed up digital transformation?

Wistia video thumbnail - Customer Experience Transformation at Old Mutual

Today’s consumers compare their banking experiences not only with rival banks, but also with the services offered by the world’s most disruptive retailers, telcos and companies in the hospitality space. The banks that meet these new customer expectations will attract and retain the most customers.


While many banks are falling behind, those leading the way are accelerating transformation by leveraging platform technologies to rapidly add a layer of agility to legacy systems, empowering employees and enhancing the customer experience.With Bizagi, Old Mutual Banking Group achieved some impressive results:

  • Increased Net Promoter Customer satisfaction by 15%
  • Improved Point of Contact Resolution by 30%
  • Reduced customer queuing times in branches by 9x
  • Reduced customer onboarding time by 10x

Agile, Engaging, and Connected Banking Solutions

Bizagi creates the power to ignite digital transformation by delivering rapid process automation across the enterprise. Our digital business platform wraps around existing IT systems, giving banks the immediate agility and process orchestration required to compete in the digital economy.

We have delivered transformation across:

  • Customer Onboarding:  First impressions matter. Fast and intelligent onboarding will ensure happy customers
  • Customer Services Portal: Create a single view of the customer to become more responsive and earn their loyalty
  • Process Improvement: Stand still and be left behind. Continuous improvement is needed to become a transformational bank
  • Regulation & Compliance: An agile process layer provides operational productivity, agility and control to help meet compliance commitments

Retail Banking Solutions

Bizagi has a proven track record in Retail Banking, achieving speed, scalability and reducing costs across a range of legacy and existing systems and databases. Our capability is enriched by a community of over 500,000 digital process experts across the globe creating and sharing applications, processes and connectors.
 Ignite your Digital Banking Transformation with Bizagi!
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