Canada’s Leading Student Health and Dental Plan Provider to use Bizagi to Implement Digital Transformation

By 21 maart 2017Nieuws, Voorpagina
San Francisco, CA – March 3rd 2017 — Bizagi, a leader in digital process automation software, announced today that ASEQ | Studentcare, the leading provider of student health care in Canada, has selected Bizagi to design and deploy digital solutions to replace their legacy core operational systems.

The goal of the new system is to manage business objects and processes to allow ASEQ | Studentcare to deliver their student health and dental plan services more effectively. According to ASEQ | Studentcare, there are four principal business objectives behind the replacement project:


  • To better support business growth and to improve the flexibility and agility of ASEQ | Studentcare’s operations
  • To introduce digital business innovations to create a competitive advantage
  • To have an open architecture and integrate with both internal and external systems
  • To replace a system that has reached the end of its life cycle, for which the developer no longer provides support
Bizagi’s Digital Business Platform will facilitate the effective collaboration of many departments throughout the company (including IT, Customer Support, Finance, Sales, Executives, Communications and Marketing). The ERP-like system will protect and facilitate uniform business processes across the corporation. It will also connect major enterprise systems, namely the CRM, the transactional website, and the financial system.
The project is being planned, executed, and delivered by Integra-co, a certified Bizagi solution partner who services the eastern coast.
With the Bizagi software, the ASEQ | Studentcare team will now be able to rapidly deliver new digital solutions that integrate with existing business technologies to provide more efficient digital operations, while also creating agile systems built for continuous innovation.
“By digitizing our core business processes on an agile platform, we are ensuring the success of our business well into the future,” said Patrick Lebel, Vice-President of Operations. “Using Bizagi, we can now adapt quickly to the market and offer new and innovative products and services.”
Gustavo Gomez, Bizagi CEO added “We are very excited to see the impressive results that ASEQ | Studentcare will quickly achieve through Bizagi with the support of our expert partner Integra-co.”
About ASEQ | Studentcare
As the leading provider of student health and dental care in Canada, ASEQ | Studentcare is known for the simple, flexible, and reliable insurance solutions it offers. Founded in 1996, ASEQ | Studentcare now serves over 750,000 students at more than 75 student associations.